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Sitting with fire is one of the most primal acts of communion - connecting us to our elemental nature. Fire represents the sun, and the light we have within.


By building a relationship with fire, we are able to cleanse and move energy very quickly - it's one of my personal favorite practices of spiritual purification and self-love.


When working with fire and encountering a wide variety of fire tenders - the message of fire, and in fact all the elements, becomes clear.  These elements command respect and reverence - they are very powerful, and their wisdom may be accessed through right relations.


This sacred blend combines traditional ceremonial resins, leaves and flowers that have been used throughout the ages for purification and cleansing practices - for fumigation of spaces as well as cleansing auric fields. 


The act of smudging is a simple practice one can incorporate into their daily life to ground and center one's own energy, as well as cleanse one of what Leonard Orr liked to call, "emotional energetic pollution" or EEP! Sounds scary...doesn't it? 


It really isn't, though, because we have all the tools we need within and around us.


Most of this blend has been wild-harvested from plants along my travels or gifted from medicine people, and the rest is organic and sustainably harvested.


Desert Sage - harvested near Taos, NM

White Sage - gifted from Lakota Chief Red Eagle 

Cedar - gifted from Lakota Chief Red Eagle

wild-crafted Pinion Pine, Juniper, and Ponderosa Pine pitch from Sedona vortex spots



Rose Petals

& Sage Blossoms harvested in the Apache-Sitgreaves national forest

Fire Offering - Sacred Ceremonial Smudge

السعربدءًا من 12.00$
  • Ingredients:

    Desert Sage, White Sage, & Cedar

    Juniper, Pine, Frankincense, & Myrrh resins

    Rose Petals & Sage Blossoms

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