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This formula is designed to break up sediment/stones and strengthen your kidneys so they have the power to eliminate acidic buildup of wastes that accumulate and cause inflammation


  • Chanca Piedra is called the “stone breaker” throughout Amazonia for its ability to assist in releasing kidney stones and gallstones. Chanca Piedra helps to tone, balance, strengthen and detoxify the kidneys, and has been shown to reduce uric acid and increase urination (diuretic). 

  • Parsley leaf is an extremely nourishing herb containing that has the ability to draw water into areas of dehydration and breaks up the hard, stagnant areas of obstruction to allow for better flow of blood, lymph, sweat, urine, stool and menstrual blood.  Petroselinum (parsley) comes from the Greek, meaning “celery of the rocks”, which can be seen as a signature for it’s work on the kidneys and breaking stones. Parsley is warming, nourishing, thinning, and opening. Parsley is one of the most highly regarded herbs for use in kidney and bladder concerns, as Matthew Woods notes, Parsley is basically infallible as a general remedy for bladder infections.  Parsley has also been shown to support the adrenal and thyroid endocrine gland systems, which work in tandem with the kidneys to better facilitate flow and proper nutrient balances within the body

  • Uva Ursi tones and strengthens the bladder and eliminates excessive acidic buildups.  It tends to focus on the areas of the throat down to the alimentary canal and reaching the bladder and uterus. As she tones the eliminative channels, removes acidic and calcified buildup and assists in remediating infections, she is often used in modern herbalism for kidney/bladder related concerns.

  • Dandelion has the ability to dig deep into hardened areas to release stagnant waters and trapped heat, therefore reducing inflammation in the body. Dandelion contains sodium and potassium and acts on both sides of the kidney mechanism: excreting fluids and retaining specific contents. Dandelion is one of the few diuretics that retains potassium and therefore strengthens the retentive side of the kidneys.

Dandelion combined with Uva Ursi has been a time tested remedy for UTIs

  • Plantain has the ability to grow in compacted soils and draw up nutrients and water. It has a similar effect in the body as it is cooling, moistening, softening and astringent. It draws out poisons and toxins (is well known for stings and bites). By pulling toxins from the body and acting as a nourishing diuretic, it increases renal output by strengthening and building up the kidneys rather than forcing them to work and weakening them (such as a stimulant). Plantain has also been shown to assist in cases of edema, as the toxins are removed from the body, it’s own natural defense mechanism to retain water is no longer necessary, and the excess water used to buffer effects of poisons (acids) can then be released.

  • Nettles are a highly nutritive, tonic herb high in protein (one of the highest plant sources), vitamins and minerals.  Nettle strengthens protein pathways throughout the body. It reduces allergic reactions to various proteins, as well as assists in the elimination of mucus that builds up due to the irritating response from the allergy. This specific action is imperative for removing the build up of acidic wastes (urates) caused by proteins as a natural metabolic by-product

  • Juniper berries act as a strong diuretic that increases the rate of kidney filtration, and has an ability to “wash out” offending bacterias. The diuretic effect doesn’t seem to have an adverse effect on potassium levels (something to be aware of when working with diuretics). Juniper has an affinity for clearing infection from the urinary tract, kidneys, bladder and prostate.




Do not use if pregnant or attempting to become pregnant (chanca piedra has been shown to lower fertility, and uva ursi is traditionally not recommended during pregnancy)


Caution use if you have low blood pressure

Urinary/Kidney & Bladder Strengthen Formula

السعربدءًا من 18٫00$
  • 60 capsules - 2 week supply

    120 capsules - 1 month supply

    240 capsules - 2 month supply

    480 capsules - 3 month supply

    Recommended dose is 2 capsules 2x/day for tonic, rebuilding for chronic symptoms, 2 capsules 3x/day for acute symptoms.

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