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Cereus flower essence connects us to full moon lunar energy as it assist in accessing our  desires by eliminating fear that holds us back from achieving our dreams.


As cactus flowers bloom at night under the moon, they also receive stellar energy from the cosmos, giving you awareness of your expansiveness. This gives you the ability to take leaps and bounds in areas of your life you may feel stuck.


As the universe dances in cycles and spirals, this essence assists in the gift of timing, and aligning with the natural flow and rhythms of life.


While this flower only blooms once and for one night only, the essence can assist in bringing big dreams to fruition.

Cereus - Peruvian Cactus Apple flower essence

  • Unfortunately, I cannot take back returns on herbal or beauty care items that have been opened. 

    If you would like a refund for a product, simply write our support team and we will ensure resolve.

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