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Self-heal embodies her given name. She taps you into your inner authority and guides you to trust yourself again.


Self-heal came to me after 3 moves during the beginning of an epidemic. As I was going through all my personal belongings in the middle of the forest, the last place I could go...during a week of thunderstorms. 

But self-heal was right next to where we were camping in the Mark Twain forest...I didn't recognize her at first, but I felt called to her many times over that week, and I felt like she was reminding me of something within myself...although I was more focused on getting all of my things organized in between the windows of rain storms.


On the last day, as the sun came out, I decided to make an essence with her, and when we came out of the forest and back online, I was able to find out who had been calling me to play in the forest...




She invokes a rememberance of just how powerful you are. She gives you the motivation to hold strong to your will. 


She opens up our crown to tap into the flow that is always present.


And for these reasons, Self-Heal is our Signature Product, and we're offering a promotion to celebrate Ignite the Healer Within!

Self-Heal flower essence

22.00$ سعر عادي
18.00$سعر البيع
  • Unfortunately, I cannot take back returns on herbal or beauty care items that have been opened. 

    If you would like a refund for a product, simply write our support team and we will ensure resolve.

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