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Sweet pea is a gentle essence, that guides us back to self-love and acceptance. It's helpful for those who feel like they don't quite belong here, and can be helpful for babies coming into the harshness of the world.


Sweet Pea essence taps us back into our creative gifts and talents, and allows us to interact with others more harmoneously by accepting others more fully in their expression.


Invoking a child-like joy and sense of peace and calm, Sweet Pea brings us back to simplicity and nourishment of the self, by reminding us to rest, as she is often used for those who have difficulties falling asleep due to mental or emotional unrest. 

Sweet Pea flower essence

  • All essences have been made in ceremony.  I like to greet the spirit of the muse - and offer a prayer & a piece of me - whether that is a song, some of my hair, or tears…

    Crystal bowls are laid in full sun, and filled with the highest quality water available to me in any given moment - most often I use spring water that I’ve either harvested myself, or bought from glass bottles. Spring water, especially if it has been freshly harvested, is living water, and it is able to hold the consciousness of whatever is being infused into it at a much more constructive and resonant frequency.

    If the plant/flower/mineral/etc is rare or endangered, I use a ‘no-touch’ method, but for most of these essences, I’ve felt comfortable being able to pick the various plants to infuse on the surface of the water for the sunniest part of the day (I also like to make essences on full sun days, with as little cloud coverage as possible...unless it’s a flower that only blooms at night ;) 

    I use the leaves of the same plant I’m working with to assist in picking the flowers with the least amount of interference.

    The flower essence waters are preserved with a grape alcohol (non-alcohol options are available, please contact for info).

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