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When I first encountered Argemone, while driving through the Apache-Sitgreaves national forest, I was captivated by her sense of purity, with the white petals dancing in the breeze, and the bright yellow center reflecting the brilliance of the sun.

White prickly poppy washes over us with a sense of calm, lightens our load and burdens of the world.


With her glowing flower and prickly leaves and stem, she offers a strong sheild of protection, which can be especially helpful in strengthening the auric field of vulnerable individuals and children. As we are moving into an age with more chemical and technological interference, White Prickly Poppy has us covered.


She restores a sense of innocence, which when held, gifts us with the ability to feel safe in our creative expression, strengthening the light within. 

Argemone mexicana - White Prickly Poppy flower essence

  • Unfortunately, I cannot take back returns on herbal or beauty care items that have been opened. 

    If you would like a refund for a product, simply write our support team and we will ensure resolve.

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