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Aloha Sisters 🌹


I have some offerings I'd like to share with you for the womb more is being revealed during these times, it's important for us to tune in to our creative centers, and ask ourselves,


What do we want to co-create?


I have two herbal formulas for the womb, they are a little different formulations - the capsules have more roots that ground and strengthen the womb, while the tincture has more of a focus on strengthening through the heart, with Motherwort (Lion's Heart) as it's big player, and Violet to help facilitate flow... Both formulas have many of the same allies that strengthen and tone the womb space, and assist in balancing hormones


Hibiscus flower essence*:


Spiraling up from the root, this essence unlocks the hips and allows sensual, creative energy to flow up and throughout the body, to more fully express the passion of your life.


Hibiscus assists in healing deep seated sexual traumas that may limit your ability to express yourself fully, which may present itself as a lack in sexual interest, shame, guilt, infertility issues...


If you feel shut down sexually, creatively or emotionally, hibiscus offers a safe space to open up again, and dance to the passionate beat of your heart 💜


And for deep self-reflection, these black obsidian mirrors are really powerful tools for yoni gazing.


Black mirrors are lunar mirrors as compared to the mostly solar mirror we are familiar with today, and when I reflect in it, it feels a lot softer and less harsh than a solar mirror.


In times past, mirrors were made of various materials and black obsidian mirrors were used in Aztec cultures to ward off evil obsidian also has connection with Black Jaguar, if you happen to walk with this ally.


Black obsidian is also used for yoni eggs as a tool for removing trauma, releasing old (intergenerational & genetic) patterns, and builds a conscious connection between your Womb, the Womb of the Earth and the Cosmic Galactic Womb.


*If Hibiscus doesn’t speak to you, but you’re interested in the rest of this offering, feel free to explore other essences on my site and I can extend this discount to include your essence of choice.

Womb Wisdom package

119.00$ سعر عادي
97.00$سعر البيع
  • No refunds available on products that can be used internally.

    If you are not satisfied with the mirror, a full refund of $44 (discounted rate) can be issued. Buyer accepts responsibility for extra shipping costs. A full refund will be issued once the undamaged product is received.

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