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The lupines – also known as the bluebonnets – are associated with a Native American legend. The story tells of a tribe suffering from the extreme effects of drought and famine. Many members of the tribe have already perished. Concern for survival creates even greater states of hardening and selfishness in the tribe, rather than community service and generosity. The tribe receives spiritual guidance that acts of giving and sacrifice are necessary, but no one is able to perform such deeds willingly. A young girl who is an orphan holds on to her precious doll, the only item she possesses as a memory of her family. She climbs up a hill and offers her doll. Where she places her doll, rain begins to fall and the lupines spring up. And so, says the legend, this is how the lupines came to appear on earth.


Lupins essence connects us back to our divine service, our seva. It gets us out of our own selfish limitations, and expands our vision to the broader community's needs.


She activates our pineal gland, expands our awareness and deepens our ability to access magicical powers, astral projection, and dreaming.


Lupins connects us to our soul family from near and far, reminding us of our divine mission and those who walk alongside us.

Lupins flower essence

  • Unfortunately, I cannot take back returns on herbal or beauty care items that have been opened. 

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