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The base of this salve is made from solar-infused St. John’s wort flowers in avocado oil for an entire moon cycle


+ beeswax and Atlas Cedar essential oil


This salve is grounding, heart-opening, healing for skin irritations such as burns, cuts, bruising, bites and rashes


St. John’s wort flowers remind us of the bright, yellow sun, and reach their peak during the sunniest days of the year.  When we’re able to capture her essence with water, through a tincture or in an oil, it feels like we have sunshine in a bottle.


These little, powerful flowers contain hypericum, which turns the oil red. 


This signature shows us how she can “take the burn out” of your skin, eases aches and pains, and helps cuts and bruises heal more quickly with less scarring. 


Atlas Cedar has a grounding and calming effect while it assists in relieving stress and protects from negativity.

St. John's Wort Salve w/ Atlas Cedar - Hypericum perforatum

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