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Shungite can be used for water filtering, construction and decoration, DIY, crafting, healthcare and beauty industry. It is also applicable in agriculture and for houseplants as a unique and effective fertilizer.

By using our shungite stones you can make shungite water and drink it daily for best results

How do you use shungite stones to make shungite water?

1 - First rinse shungite rocks off until water runs clear.

2 - Then put the shungite stones at the bottom of a glass or ceramic water pitcher - Use 100-150 grams for each litre of water or 3.5 oz of shungite in 34 oz of water. After 48 hours the water will be biologically active. It ‘s ready for external and internal use.

You should expose the shungite stones under sunlight every month and replace them every 6 months.

Instead of throwing them away, you can reuse them by placing them in flowerpots or in your garden. Studies have shown that the use of shungite stones is beneficial to the wellbeing of plants, flowers and trees.

Shungite and fullerenes are known to boost the immune system and decrease allergic reactions and boosts your protection against radiation and EMF's

Shungite powder has a powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect and is recommended in case of acnes, inflammation, redness and rashes. As shungite improves metabolism and blood circulation, nourishes and regenerates tissues and has analgetic and calming effect, shungite powder is also used to treat osteochondrosis, radiculitis, sprains, strains and so on.


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Shungite crystals

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