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I called in health, 

  I became WHOLE.

I called in peace, 

  I made it my home.

I called in wealth,

  I prospered.

I called in love,

  And I remembered what I AM.

Early on in my healing journey, I was introduced to the power of a very simple practice…one so simple it took me over TEN years to give it a try. 

Rather than testing this out, I spent those ten years chasing all the things outside of myself - distracting my mind, and the results were slow or temporary.

From a place deep within myself I knew there was something missing…and I was going to have to look within myself to find it.

Finally the day came when I started to embrace this practice, and very quickly saw miracles right in front of my eyes.

I manifested the exact make, model, color and year of a car I wanted in less than a month with no steady income (it was a white mercedes benz 1985 SD).

I found a peaceful place to live in the country for my son and I to find sanctuary. Our landlord's name was also Peace.

I healed myself of Lyme disease after being mostly restricted in my bed for a year. I had forgotten what it felt like to wake up and not be in pain...and today I give gratitude for those days being a distant memory.

These miracles started to occur more frequently, and soon I didn’t view them as miraculous at all - it was simply invoked and aligned.

What I realized is that this has been an ancient practice that has simply been lost - and yet it is available to us all.

This is the power of The Word.

In 1968, a discovery was made by Robert Tennyson Stevens while studying the Hopi language. He was fascinated by how there were no words in their language to describe “now” or “here” because the idea of time outside of the present moment wasn’t a perspective they held.

An object out there was not out there, that it was all right here. And as he continued his dive into a language that manifested a reality of 5000+ years of peace for this tribe, he realized they believed that language drives thought and thought drives reality.

The simple act of shifting our language is the most powerful thing we can do to alter our external reality and lives.

In this playshop, we're going to do a simple examination of everyone's use of language as a reflection of their mindset, and we're going to shift it NOW to invoke a power within're going to laugh when you look back at the days you forgot you've always been this powerful.

As more of us shift our mindset collectively, the more fun we can have in our collaborations and offerings, enriching our lives even further.

We truly have no idea how far we can all go together...

Are you ready to play?

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Sarah Roberson

Sharing some good news! My husband just got the biggest paycheck he has ever 

gotten in his life on Friday! 

And I got past a mental block that I was having about opening some medical bills. I was afraid I didn't have enough money to pay them and my fear kept me from even 

opening the envelopes until tonight. It turns out the four bills that I did open are within our means (the money is in an HSA account, and there is enough to cover all four). The list I made of five financial goals for the month is happening! 

Brittney knows what she's doing! She showed me how to change my attitude about money, and I've been in awe of what has shifted in my family. 

I'm the only one who attended her workshop, but my children and husband 

have felt the ripples too.


Now in this present moment you are being offered a gift.

It is up to you to activate the limitless Being that you are.

Bringing awareness to the words that slip through your lips will give you an opportunity to shift from the mystery into Mastery.

Are you ready to become a master of your word and the master of your life?

Join Us on LiveWebinar this Thursday @ 11:11 am Central time zone

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