Hummingbird Blessings while Making Flower Essences

A month ago my partner and I headed into the forest for a month to gather with aligned souls and reconnect - to each other and to the forest.

Throughout our time there, some of my favorite visitors were the hummingbirds, who would sing and swoop by as they visited the scarlet gilia flowers nearby.

These little flowers are so tiny...yet they are bright red and orange and demand your attention, especially as they attract the joy and beauty of the hummingbird.

Over those few weeks I felt my heart called to capture the essence of this flower, and so one sunny day I set out to walk the meadow through the forest to play with the flowers.

As I approached a stand of Skyrocket, I stopped in admiration, gratitude and prayer before placing some of the blooms on top the crystal bowl of water.

Suddenly a hummingbird appeared before me, looked me straight in the eye, then quickly nourished herself by drinking some sweet nectar from the flowers of the plant I was harvesting from...and then flew over to the bowl of water where the flowers were laying on top, where she continued to sip the sweet nectar of the flowers, and graced the waters of the essence with her medicine.

I can't claim to know how these things work, but as I'm back online and doing a little research on this flower essence, I can see clearly how this medicine played a part in the unfolding of my life these past few weeks...I'll just say the messages from both this little flower and the hummingbird it attracts of establishing fierce clarity, boundaries, and speaking your truth while carrying a level of grace has been heard loud and clear!

Here is an interpretation from Lotus Wei of the influence of Scarlet Gilia:

"WHAT IT REVEALS If you are attracted to Skyrocket, there may be certain people or situations in your life that require a fierce clarity. You may leak energy, feel a sense of responsibility, have a hard time saying ‘no’ or lack clear boundaries with them.

You may even have people in your life who are energetic parasites or who don’t fully value what you have to offer them. They suck your energy and time, pester you or overstay their welcome.

WHAT THE ELIXIR CATALYZES Skyrocket Flower helps us stand taller and be more fearless about our self-expression or lack of expression (silence). We are no longer hooked by another’s needy energy and we can establish clear boundaries. We don’t overthink about how our words or actions will be perceived; we simply speak + execute and the pieces fall where they may.

Skyrocket puts a stop to energy leakage. People who subtly feed off of your energy or take advantage of you - even in the subtlest of ways energetically - no longer can. It sharpens your tongue, expands your aura and allows you to make a shift in the way that you interact with certain people or situations in your life. It dissolves dullness or lack of awareness and stimulates a fierceness that teaches a lesson. At first the sensation of elixir may make you appear to feel a lack of sensitivity, yet it is simply expanding your clarity about the situation."

I have 1 oz Stock bottles available in my store, COMMUNE

Flower essences are homeopathic remedies that are made from a 'mother essence' which I've used spring water to capture the energetic imprint of the flowers into the water, and preserve it at a 1:1 ratio with Grappa, a mildly sweet grape alcohol.

The real magick happens when you take that stock bottle and make your own dosage bottle - again taking 3-7 drops from the stock bottle and diluting it down to a homeopathic dosage bottle - where you can play with the energy of the essence throughout the day with little drop attunement to communion, and as a practice to cultivate various energies within your being and your life.

I'm grateful to be a steward of these gifts from Mama Gaia - drop me a line if you're interested in exploring this essence and have any questions on frequency essences!

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