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INSPIRE - welcome breath

Stay connected to the breath, open creative flow through you

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 697 US dollars
  • online

Let's explore...

Offering you the space to show up and simply breathe... I'm here to keep you accountable to a continuous, connected breath Sounds simple, right? Tap into your natural breathing rhythm, and experience what it feels like to support the circulation of life force energy flowing throughout your body... Feel the energy of empowerment emerge from breathing through what comes breathing through and staying present with compassion, we integrate & transmute our traumas - individual, intergenerational and collective. Inspire is a 10-session series where we explore * the story of your birth * elemental spiritual purification practices aka self-love practices * various breathing practices for reducing stress & anxiety, energizing the body, and balancing the mind/brain hemispheres * integrating core traumas and breaking the chain of intergenerational trauma! After 10 sessions you'll be able to give yourself breath sessions as well as gift them to others. You can also choose to create your own prosperity plan integrating breathwork into your practice. Experience what it feels like to breathe the breath of life, allow the breath to breathe you. What You Receive: 10 breath sessions + Private Telegram Channel for Inspire's Connected Flow option to Join group chat for more engaged support and potential for connection This private telegram channel will have meditations, breath practices, and mindset practices to engage with a small co-heart of 12 for this initial launch. 10 sessions need to be scheduled and completed with me (or initiated breathworker) within 3 months. There is no set time on how long it takes to work through generations, lifetimes, and current accumulations of trauma, that we store so well in our cells. Joining this co-heart with 12 people will allow many opportunities for gifting and exchanging sessions to listen and guide a deeper, connected breath throughout your life and those you choose to connect. Some people feel the energy of the connected breath take over in their first session, sometimes people 'tap in' their 5th, or 25th session...there is no set timeframe for healing. You find your own way...are you willing to show up to get there? Various Payment Plans are Available - MAJOR DISCOUNT IF PAID IN FULL If you prefer to pay in payments, I have a few set up for you to choose from to make this offering more accessible. Blessed breath!

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Crestone, CO, USA

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