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An experiential journey into re-membering your regenerative nature

  • 2 hr
  • 497 US dollars
  • online sessions

Let's explore...

I am here as a reflection of you, to assist and guide as you allow and trust yourself to tune in to your inner voice and start to follow the whispers of wisdom that will lead you to your inner guidance. The world is very loud, it is easy to ignore this voice inside That is why we are here, to Ignite the Healer Within - to honor the wholeness of ourselves and the stories of reconnection. Ignite the Healer Within is about walking a different path - of attuning to the wisdom of the self and cultivating discernment So you can walk confidently through life, no matter what challenges arise (even during a pandemic) We strengthen systems rather than treat symptoms so that the symptoms end up resolving themselves Each of us are unique individuals, which is why I don't want to become another authority over you, telling you what is best to eat, drink, or think This journey is about you, I'm just guiding you through a process of reclaiming, designed for living in alignment with Nature's laws in order to regenerate rather than degenerate. In this session, we will: Map your Internal Terrain & Co-create your Regenerative Roadmap * A Protocol for cellular and genetic healing * Re-Align to your natural design (aligned with Nature) * Address systemic inflammation by creating conductivity for synergistic regeneration and re-build from a solid foundation We use YOUR body in building this protocol, from listening to the symptoms you've experienced throughout your life through the self-assessment questionnaire - AND - through learning how to read various maps for exploring your body's terrain. By the end of this session, you're going to be introduced to a deeper innerstanding of yourself, you are building a relationship with you. This offering assists in cultivating discernment to make the most advantageous choices to achieve your goals. Your body will start to show you appreciation for listening by tapping back into natural cycles and rhythms, increasing energy and vitality, balancing emotions and mood, and strengthening all systems of the body! Are you ready to Ignite the Healer Within? Book Now thru the button above, and schedule a session to connect I send you a Welcome email with some tasks for you to complete before we meet. If you know you'll want more 1-1 support after creating your protocol, I have a few payment plan options for you to explore, where INTEGRAL services are included in the WHOLE membership (and you save $$) To our health!!

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Crestone, CO, USA

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