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Just Breathe

That's all you have to show up to do...just breathe.

  • 1 h
  • 108 US dollars
  • online session

Let's explore...

This is an introductory breath session - it is an opportunity to lean into your edges and experience the power of the breath lighting up your body. Allow the breath to breathe you. Gift yourself devoted time and space to show up - Just Breathe - I'm simply here to keep you accountable to a continuous, connected breath Once you tap into your natural breathing rhythm, you'll experience what it feels like to support the circulation of life force energy flowing throughout your body, and experience the empowerment that emerges from breathing through what comes breathing through and staying present with compassion, we are able to integrate our traumas - individual, intergenerational and collective. During this introductory breath session, I'll share with you some breathing techniques to connect to a circular, continuous breath, and will continue to hold space for an entire cycle to unfold. The natural breath cycle is 'usually' around 45 minutes, and it 'usually' takes about 10-15 to get into the rhythm...however, first sessions are exploratory, and results cannot be guaranteed. All that can be offered is an open space to explore the breath, and an opportunity to experience what it feels like in your body, to allow breath to breathe you.

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Crestone, CO, USA

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