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The time is here and now, Love.


I hear it in your voice, and see it in your eyes…


You’re ready.


There is really no need for you to seek anywhere else...all you need to find is within you.

I'm simply here to remind you

Reclaim your authority.

Build your inner trust and confidence

To truly empower yourself and Rise like the Phoenix from the flames

It’s time...

Ignite the Healer Within.

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About Me

Brittney has traveled the world studying regenerative solutions for the earth and communities through living in eco-villages, farm stays, and earth-centered, indigenous rooted gatherings.

As she sought out to heal the world, she became very ill, and discovered she had to find her way back to her center, to

Ignite the Healer Within.

She’s come through massive healing challenges and opportunities - from systemic, chronic candida overgrowth, hormonal imbalances, Lyme disease, and finding practices to become more resilient 

through stress and trauma…

Britt's been blessed by many guides & teachers. She's a legit detox coach through the International School of Detoxification, has held several herbal mentorships & immersions, lived in a Rebirthing Breathwork Center with aspiring immortals, and has had many other angels "messengers of light" to inspire the journey back to self.

Britt founded a regenerative design consulting agency, Triple Bottom Line, for supporting organizations in Illuminating their key assets and co-creating engaging journeys of reconnection to their most aligned audiences.

She also founded Fruit the World, an organization focused on building the soil to nourish your SOL (a gifting exchange) through planting seeds aligned with nature's laws and design.  She serves on the boards of Living Earth Solutions and Abundant Earth Foundation, and is currently working on breathing life into the Weaver Network.

Currently, she lives a nomadic lifestyle, following the harvest of fruits, flowers and herbs and will take massive detours to explore and soak in mama Gaia's hot springs. She's been living the last two years mostly in the forest 🌳 

She's only come back online to share this message with you...

Ignite the Healer Within.

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Cultivate your self-awareness in this space for reflection

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