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Ignite the Healer Within

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

#COVID19 Sounding the Call to Ignite the Healer Within

I’ve been offline for the most part this past 2 years and have been imagining my re-entrance, sharing the stories of van life and the adventures I’ve been on (including a hot spring tour)...

But as I’ve been coming online and seeing various group messages...of very intelligent people, mind you…

I’m once again reminded of the seriousness of this matter, if not simply for the potential of a massive pandemic 😷

The much larger issue is the presence of fear which stems from an unawareness of self.

In “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill, ‘Your Majesty’ (what the devil insists on being called for the interview), admits full-heartedly that it is just this - FEAR - which is one of his greatest allies in capturing 98% of the souls on this earthly plane.

This message is for the 2% of those who are essentially what the Devil names as, ‘people who are able to think for themselves’.

My prayer is that it can reach further…

Let’s see how it lands.

I AM here to remind you of the innate healing abilities of the body - your body - and all living systems.

It’s as true as you believe it to be.

And yet, belief is not always enough, this is also true...

However, if you take a look around you, everything that you see started as a sensation, and then formed into a thought, which toned into invocations and became what you now see.

The ability to observe without judgement - of good or bad - is a practice. And when cultivated, it has the potential to bring abundant joy, happiness and inner peace.

Once we start to observe and listen, we see how complex patterns form out of simplicity.

It is from this place I would like to invite you to receive the information I have to share with you, on how to Ignite the Healer Within, through a very simple awareness flow that can be built upon and adapted to your own observations and perspectives in accordance to the Laws of Nature.

This is a framework for cellular regeneration.

It is also a framework for how to regenerate the earth as well as build harmonious relationships and communities.

It’s all reflective - as within, so without. As above, so below.

This is the foundational information needed to empower the individual to cultivate the confidence needed to integrate any opportunity (or virus) that comes our way.

How do I have this confidence?

Because I have healed myself of many ailments- Viral, Fungal, and Bacterial through experiencing imbalances like major candida growth due to overuse of antibiotics (12 years of killing off my terrain), Rheumatoid arthritis where my knee became as large as my head (worst pain I’ve experienced), Melanoma (diagnosed at age 20), and Lyme disease (bedridden for a year, one of the most challenging, yet I rise!)

Isn’t it time you stop relying on others to tell you how to heal yourself? Telling you what they think is wrong with you and how you should go about fixing it?

This continuous seeking external of self is, unfortunately, at the root of it.

But forgive ourselves of our ignorance - we must!

So here it is, a reminder, of how powerful you are. My prayer is that it serves as the spark you need to continue your own journey of exploration into the beauty and awesome regenerative powers of your body.

Keep in mind this is a very foundational viewpoint, and many aligned healing modalities can be built upon and assist in the effectiveness of the protocol I will share with you now - there is no limit to health - no destination place “healed”.

This is the journey. And it is the reason you are here.

An excerpt from, Ignite the Healer Within:

Earlier I spoke about shifting into the Observer and embodying your mastery - mastery over the mind and emotions.

This is an ongoing process, but these two points of mastery will form a strong foundation and gift you tools to use if you choose to embark on the journey of physical body mastery.

The physical realm is the most static..the most solid in terms of energy. The frequency/vibration of the ethereal, mental and emotional realms move much faster than the physical (the stuff your 5 senses can perceive)

When you start to detoxify the body, you'll release emotions that you've stored in your body. They may or may not have originated from you…

We have generations upon generations of weaknesses and trauma we have inherited - old stories to learn from and empower ourselves to go beyond...

You may start to question your you ever laugh at some of the things you used to believe?

I know I do…

Keep in mind, cells are simply storehouses of memories.

These memories can be of a properly functioning adrenal gland - one which is balanced in its ability to respond to situations adeptly. Or it can be suppressed due to generations of traumatic experiences.

So the physical does not shift as fast as say...your mindset or emotional state, but the foundations you lay in this realm are much more least it appears this way.

Today we have saturated our air, water, and other food with chemistry that we have never interacted with before.

We are genetically modifying our seeds and animals,

We are shooting animal blood and heavy metals into our veins.

Exposing ourselves to technology that has never existed and has no long-term, multi-generational studies.

We are creating new species.

One of the questions that arises...

What are you creating?

The first step after shifting your mindset from victim consciousness to one of loving presence is to create the environment - or create the conditions for the outcome you want...


Creating a conducive environment for regenerative healing requires us to tune in to what we are consuming energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically.

It requires us to become aware of our mental patterns and how we speak to ourselves and others...our underlying belief systems...

Our social situations and friends...

Work and home environments...

And it requires us to make conscious decisions of what we put in and on our bodies.

Give yourself the gift of discernment when it comes to what you put in your mouth.

Make the agreement with yourself to consume living, local, plant-based, or blessed - eaten without guilt and karma-free.

When we align with this way of eating, we create an alkaline state within the body, which is absolutely necessary for regenerative cellular healing.

Disease-states thrive in ACIDIC environments.

You can’t keep things “out” if you are creating a home for them to live within you.

When we create an alkaline environment within the body, through our thoughts, emotions, and anything else we choose to consume, we completely shift what lifeforms can survive and thrive.

These are the signs your body is too acidic:

Inflammation (inflammation is a response to acids, it is not a root cause!!!)

Edema - water is held to buffer acids. You see this easily when injured, the body sends fluids to an area. This is the body’s natural response to heal.

Cholesterol - a lipid aka FAT our body creates to buffer acids (NOTE: oils & fats are anti-inflammatory but they do not address the ROOTS & can contribute to the vicious cycle of accumulation and stagnation of wastes - creating the culturing medium for pathogens)

Calcium - the body leaches calcium from bones, teeth, and connective tissue to buffer acids.

This is why we get cavities, muscle cramps, bone spurs...

Do you remember TUMS - the calcium supplement? It's used to alleviate stomach acid.

Calcium is an anti-acid.

There are only two sides of chemistry...choose one.

Facilitate Communication

Listen to Your Body

Do you have any pain in your body?

Pain is there to allow us to FEEL.

We have suppressed our feelings for lifetimes and generations.

Part of the journey requires us to feel - to observe it and break away from further attachments and longing for something creates more suffering and takes us out of the present.

It is time to finally cut the cord to our cycle of suffering.

>> To deepen this practice find a Vipassana Center and participate in a 10-day meditation retreat. Visit for more information

Observe this pain and listen to it as you would a child - with patience and love.

Where is this pain?

How does it feel? Is it numb & dull, or sharp & intense?

How long has it been there?

Is it yours? Or have you held it for someone else?


In order to hear what your body is trying to tell you, we have to listen.

Listening is not only hearing, but also interpreting.

Our body is giving us signs all the time...

Look at your fingernails.

Do you have white moons near the base of your fingernails? Is the nail bed red or blue/purple? Do your fingernails have ridges on them?

These clues are showing circulatory health and strength of your parathyroid gland.

To be able to interpret some of what your body has been telling you, you can look at this questionnaire and see what organs and glands need some love.

Feel free to just take a look over the questionnaire and assess for yourself where you can focus your attention, but if you would like a targeted 3-month diet and herbal protocol for regenerative & restorative health, click the Submit button and schedule an appointment.

And make sure you let your body know you hear what it is saying by communicating back...

Strengthen Your Glands

Please take note...this does not mean stimulate!!!

We want the body to remember how it functions, not do the work for it with external stimulants, which leads the body to forget and leaves it weaker and dependent on things that have consequences.

It is time to re-member cause and effect.

Our glandular system is largely responsible for facilitating chemical communication throughout the body by the use of steroids, hormones and neurotransmitters.

For example, the adrenal glands sit right on top of the kidneys - they serve many functions - but one specifically relates to FEAR.

This is called the fight, flight or freeze response.

The other side of this response is the body's ability to rest, relax, and release.

This is called balance.

What this means, is that when we have stressed and pushed our adrenals without supporting and strengthening, without resting and relaxing, they become tired.



The adrenals are directly connected to whether or not we are hanging on to, or releasing, our cellular waste.

When they are tired... we hold on to all our shit.

Both digestive poo and cellular poo.

Our cellular waste is acidic by its very nature through the metabolic process.

When it has no place to go, because the open/close switches (adrenals) are weak, we get burned.

This is true on an emotional level as well. When we hold on to hurtful emotions like anger, jealousy, guilt, and shame, it ends up hurting us more than anyone else.

Forgiveness is not so much for another person, it's for you.

Soon, little by little we see the cells that formed organs and glands are affected and weakened.

This affects the flow - the circulatory system slows down. The blood, lymph, nervous system and chi (energy) become stagnant.

Our inner terrain becomes a breeding ground for fungus, bacteria, and viruses.

This is similar to a stagnant river - which becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes and algae growth which decreases oxygen.

Change the environment - Change what lives.

Listen...and respond accordingly.

Open Channels of Elimination

and Strengthen Systems

Any hole in our body is a route of elimination.

Most are in our head - eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

This isn't necessarily because of our brains, but because of our sinus cavities which are chambers of resonance, which tune us in to frequencies...but this is another conversation. Point is, they will not be very effective sound chambers if they are full of mucus.

Same with the electromagnetic functioning of the brain...not good in mucus. We simply go for the same roots.

The big eliminative channels for our work within the realm of regenerative healing are the kidneys, the colon, the skin and the lungs.

In fact...let's take a deep belly breath right now...ahhhh

Women - you have a super power called the yoni, or vagina. This is another very important route of elimination! The womb space is the energy center of creation. Nurture this space.

Once we strengthen the kidneys, clean out the bowels, open the skin, and learn how to breathe in ways that move energy...

We open the doors to facilitate flow of the circulatory system.

Areas which have had stagnant energy can start to flow...

Focus can then be directed to other organ weaknesses - remember, weaknesses have lowered vitality and energy, and stagnant waters create the environment for disease-states.

Something very important is happening here - a shift from consumption to elimination.

This is the secret!!

It’s not so much what you are lacking that you need to go and find in order to make you ‘healthier’, it is about shifting the poor habits and patterns that got you there and recognizing what you already are - WHOLE.

You no longer have to rely on blood tests for deficiencies and supplement with expensive isolated chemistry.

Just move and release stagnant fluids and mucus out of the body... which block your absorption and utilization of nutrients.

There are 4 basic digestive processes within the body: Digestion, Absorption, Utilization, and Elimination.

We have already spoken to the congestion our bodies have experienced due to the doors of elimination being compromised and the glandular system being weakened.

When the very last step is weakened, it blocks the cell's ability to absorb and utilize nutrients because of cellular constipation - cellular waste is suppressing the function of the cells.

When we start to shift from consumption to elimination, and our bodies start to efficiently eliminate waste, we create the space to proper cellular function and we become a conduit for FLOW!


Move Your Body.

The circulatory system is what creates vitality. When the blood is moving, we nourish our cells (ourselves).

Lympha is a water goddess, and the lymphatic system is the waters of the body.

The lymphatic system is 75% of the fluid in the body, just as the earth is covered in 75% water.

The blood is only 25% of the fluid in the body - it is the "lifeline". In ancient texts, the blood line is encouraged to be kept "pure".

Our body does an incredible job at keeping our blood clean, because when the blood becomes overwhelmed with toxins, it can lead to toxemia. The blood has to stay alkaline otherwise we will die within minutes.

It makes us wonder, why do doctors rely so heavily on blood tests when it’s one of the last places to show up?

The blood is essentially the kitchen of the body, taking nutrients to the cells.

The lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body, taking away waste from the cells and eliminating it from the body.

This is a very simplified view, and if you would like a more in depth understanding of the lymphatic system, the research has already been done (it's just been suppressed):

The lymphatic system carries the waste away from the cells, passes through the "checker stations" aka lymph nodes, and then is taken out of the body via the proper channels, but predominantly through the kidneys.

Question: What and where is your immune system?

The immune system is the lymphatic system. It includes the lymphatic structures such as the thymus and spleen, bone marrow, and immune cells like lymphocytes, macrophages, T-cells...

The circulatory system includes the blood, lymphatic system, nervous system and chi (energy).

All of these are connected, and when one is stagnant, the rest follow.

Here is the secret to creating more flow throughout all the circulatory systems: Breathe!

The breath is the KEY to FLOW.

The heart is not a pump - it is a valve, and it is fed by the breath.

You have the ability to breathe energy through the practice of a circular, connected breath.

The inhale relaxes into the exhale, the exhale flows into the inhale

It's like the tides of the ocean...

Circular flow.

When we start to breathe energy, it's like priming a pump…

Breathe in an ‘alived’ and circular way, and soon the breath takes over.

Breath is breathing you.

And you are breathing Life.

You may even experience tingling sensations all over your body, feeling your body coming back to life.

It's a strange thing to experience, let alone talk have we not been taught to breathe?

It’s something so essential, something we all share.

Yet I encourage you to take note of the next time you hold your breath, withdraw your participation from the flow of life-force energy.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be any sort of way, as long as it is connected.

Some emphasize the inhale as the life breath and honor the natural release into the exhale

Some emphasize the exhale to release fully what no longer serves, and cultivate appreciation for the inhale.

Some walk the middle path.

You will find your way.


There is always room to strengthen, and there is plenty of room to dig and cleanse deeper.

The key is finding balance between the two, which comes from finding your center.

The first step is awareness of your weaknesses, so you know where to focus building and strengthening.

Use the questionnaire and iridology (the only soft tissue analysis we have, including a valuable tool to assess the lymphatic system) to help you create a focused plan of action - a guide for Igniting the Healer Within.

Remember: It is natural during regenerative detoxification to release intense emotions, feel ungrounded and like you are unable to relate to others.

Balance out.

You are in the driver's seat of your healing journey.

Come back to self-love practices and connect with the elements which truly feed and nourish - mantra/affirmations, earth (grounding, living foods and herbs, being in nature), air (breathe), water (spend some time in the ocean or river), fire (build one), and sacred community.

By using simplicity and nature's design, we can learn how to heal ourselves and align with our true nature and Wholeness.

It is our Divine Right to be Whole

You are perfect

Remember Who You Already Are.

We have been given an incredible opportunity today by experiencing some of the most challenging health conditions created today.

We all have choices.

You now have a choice.

You can choose to see this as an opportunity to dig deeper into your life and into the relationship you have with yourself.

Or you can seek external sources of love and happiness, avoiding the direct Source and continue not only your pain but also the pain of the collective.

Once you decide to open up and become a conduit of healing for yourself, you will see and experience the pain you have been avoiding for your entire life, for lifetimes, and generations of ancestors.

You will be called to process this pain for the collective.

You have the choice to stop this cycle of suffering - NOW.

It is not an easy journey, but you are not alone. There is a whole community of support. And everyone I know that has chosen this path of self-ignited exploration is extremely grateful to have found their way back to themselves and their power, as they have now become more masterful in their lives and positively influence anyone around them.

Create the conditions for the results you desire through strategic and honest listening to your body.

If you’d like any support formulating your own Cellular Regenerative protocol based on your health history, iridology, family and birth story by following this link to fill out the health questionnaire and schedule an aligned time for us to connect.

You still have to show up and do all the work...



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