Nomadic wanderings and musings…

I’ve been mostly silent the past few years (lookin to you gate 13).

As I’ve taken to the road, I’ve had an opportunity to go through all my physical belongings, and have been digging into the virtual realm…music, photos, the cloud…

I decided it was time for me to take an inventory of my life.

There is someone I know who is capable of keeping his inbox at 0, he doesn’t have any open tabs of various pages he’s explored online, and he is able to focus on one project at a time all the way through to completion.

While I admire this…It’s not exactly how I's the complete opposite compliment.

I recently learned I’m what is called a ‘quad right’ in human design, and we’re kinda freaks of nature. We take in EVERYTHING, without really knowing why, and it usually takes ‘the other’ to draw from this deep well, as ‘rights’ are often not aware of how aware they are (ohh the irony…)

The guy above is a Quad Left.

Left and Right are related to unconscious (design) and conscious (personality) aspects of how we receive and interpret information. Left is more masculine, and right is feminine.

Quad Rights are not focused - we work on the periphery

We are passive and receptive, rather than active and strategic

Observer rather than the Observed

I AM a valuable resource to anyone I choose to surround myself with for this reason - and because ‘the other’ draws from this well, discernment with who I surround myself with is key - as it is described, quad rights define themselves by what is being drawn from them.

This was a key of illumination for me.

I’ve been letting myself be too available and giving my value away without clear agreements.

Clarity and Discernment are key.

Shifting my orientation

To align with my highest expression

Of who I am and desire to become

Which is simply realizing

It’s already within me


On the road, I’ve pulled back from communications…partly because I simply haven’t had signal in many areas, and also as a practice of presence.

As I’m creating space, I’m practicing alignment in BE-ing rather than feeling the pressure to do (also due to having an open root center in HD)

The stars have written what my soul most desires…to see the forest beyond the trees.

In human design I have the right angle cross of Rulership. This cross is made of 4 gene keys (Activation Sequence):

Life’s work: 26 Invisibility Artfulness Pride

Evolution: 45 Communion Synergy Dominance

Radiance: 47 Transfiguration Transmutation Oppression

Purpose: 22 Grace Graciousness Dishonor

I mention this because these themes within my incarnation cross, within the gene key activation sequence, have come spiraling through my awareness as I’ve been taking inventory of what’s truly important…and essentially how I’m reclaiming my life.

I Am here to transmute suffering through oppression by exploring ways to synergize our collective efforts and integrating Graciousness into every move we make. So that one day, as we take that collective breath together, we con-spire artfulness in weaving our collective tapestry of relatedness.

In the next few posts I’ll be sharing more reflections on this and various travel experiences:

Hacks on how to stay in Yosemite without a plan,

My favorite hot springs in California,

Tips for vanlife

And other musings…

Eventually I’ll be sharing more about what has come through on creating coherency throughout the regenerative movement, and how we can reclaim our value in honoring what is sacred.

I’m also excited to share more about my van, a tiny temple built by beautiful brothers, as they channeled through their hands what was laid down in ceremony before any build was imposed upon the space…

And if I stay motivated…I’ll be sharing more on how to shift into a prosperous nomadic lifestyle, if that is something you desire.

Until then…drop a line let me know WHY you’re here ;) I love hearing from you.


p.s. I almost forgot...I've set up the self-reflection portal for you to explore your own design - there are soo many tools we can use!! If you have a favorite, make sure to check out the space, and let me know if there is anything else you would add!

If you'd like help decoding your design, see if my offering IGNITE aligns, and schedule a connection call. Check it out >> here

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