On the Road

I’ve seen some of the most magnificent sunsets (and some rises, too)

Been able to connect deeper with all my relations: familial, animal, plant and fungi.

Soaked in sacred springs.

Tasted the blood of an ancient sequoia.

Connected deeper within the Self.

But of course there are some challenges, too…

Finding a clean restroom.

Having a safe, quiet, and level place to sleep.

The laws and stigmas against living in your vehicle.

As more and more people are working for themselves, this is naturally going to feed more travel as the world of commerce has opened up to the global market.

We are in an age where we are connecting with people we do not live near.

Our social structures are shifting.

To live simply with less material possessions gifts you with the freedom to choose your own adventure.

And I feel having your own tiny temple on wheels wherever you go is quite luxurious.

Where would you go?

Who and what would you see?

And yet, to embody this shift in lifestyle - from paying to live, to being honored for being alive - I want to co-create a world where I am honored wherever I go, and where I am able to pay reverence to the land, the waters, the trees and animals…rather than paying rent or taxes, giving energy to that which I am not value-aligned.

Where I am able to listen and observe rather than be expected to perform…

Because ultimately there is an inherent TRUST that I AM in service to the WHOLE.

From an acknowledgement of what I already am, to the collaboration of embodying this as a collective, we are already WHOLE.

It is time to simply be, and allow this to spring forth and flow from the center within.

Remembering who we are, how incredibly valuable we are.

It’s up to each one of us to reclaim this value.

I see you…because I see myself.

We are shifting from the Age of Information to the Age of Value

Do you see it?

Stay tuned to my upcoming post on the Ecoscape…where we reclaim our value, connect with those who have aligned values, and shift the whole scene of how we show up in the world.

The days of google search and facebook are dying…what’s next??

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