Collective Water Prayer - Water Blessing

The following practice and prayer has been gifted to us from Sacred Water Voices. Blessed be, Mni Waconi!!

:: 21 days :: WATER CURE :: #griefcall #sacredwatervoices MEMORY :: GRIEF :: RECONCILIATION

From October 16 to November 5

WATER of RECONCILIATION, you who unite everything, you who -both inside and outside- sustain us in life, we honor you.

Thank you WATER for being the unifying thread of our life, MEMORY of our lineage. You are our blood, the voice of those who gave us life, the voice of those who left.

You, who are the continuity of existence in the heart of love, we honor you.

Water of Life, may your memory help us remember how to love each other, how to unite.

May your healing power heal our wounds, our fear, our pain. May your wisdom inspire us and help us reconcile with the pain of loss, with what has gone, with what is leaving.

WATER, guardian of our grief, help us regenerate our emotions, in order to embrace the life that sprouts and is reborn from death.

Water of mourning, WATER of our sacred tears, water of the sea that inhabits us, we present ourselves in ceremony before you to honor the cycle of life-death-life, to honor the power of transformation, to honor our lineage, our dead, and thus honor ourselves and honor the life that we PROTECT.


From October 13 to November 3 Mercury makes its third retrograde movement of the year, in Scorpio. This retrograde transit of Mercury in Scorpio coincides with the celebration of the pagan festival Samhain, the day of the dead, the portal of the ancestors.

Mercury is the messenger of the gods. Mercury connects, communicates, links. Mercury carries the message.

2020 has brought us the awareness of loss. All that goes away. Everything that leaves us. Everything that does not return.

How do we honor what is lost?

Life lost, freedom lost, flora and fauna lost, time lost, dreams and visions lost.

How do we honor the emotion, the feeling that inhabits us, in the face of what is gone?

How do we accompany each other?


This is an intimate and simple proposal.

For 21 days we honor the water of life in the intimacy of our body and our personal practice, with the awareness that we are a network united by the same intention.

We begin October 16, the day of the new moon in LIBRA.


:: WATER CURE :: 21 days ::

Drink a glass of water a day CONSCIOUSLY

To connect with the healing power of Water To listen to Her messages To heal our wounds To open the channel through which our emotions can flow To eliminate what is not And welcome what IS To honor our waters To take care of our body To nurture our soul To take care of our roots To connect with the source of life in us To take the strength of our ancestors To feel the eternal bond that unites us and remains To remember our essence To take care of our sovereignty

Water heals. Water offers us the purest and most powerful of medicines. Its power is subtle and deep.

If we do not have spring water, living water from the mountains, we can try to get filtered, energized water.

And, if what we have is urban water - or bottled water -, we can energize it with vibration, bowls, music.

We can also make "diamond water", which is to mix spring water and / or prayed water with the one we have at home, to awaken the memory of living water.

Proposal :: For 21 days ::

1. Take time once a day to open an intimate space with water 2. Pour a glass of water 3. Connect with the Spirit of Water 4. Sing to WATER, if you can 5. With all our heart we ask WATER to remove all toxic information from our cells 6. We drink WATER slowly, each sip consciously 7. We say Thank you

Starting on November 16, for 21 days, in Sacred Water Voices we will be honoring and accompanying this practice.

This is the prayer and the continuity that sustains us.

For all our relations @sacredwatervoices

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