Mirror Meditations

A few years ago I found myself in one of those 'dark night of the soul' emotional waves where I felt like I was dying...a part of me was...

Sometimes in these moments there is a lot of resistance at first...a lot of anger and resentment which gives way to the pain of self-reflection and accountability of how I created my own situation, how I continued the pattern of my suffering.

During this time I remember looking at myself in the mirror, and I locked into my own eyes.

I couldn't look away.

It was time I face myself.

As I continued to stare myself in the eyes...I received some messages that I felt came from my higher self. It was a voice I was familiar with...yet direct and tuning into the chords of the messages I most needed to hear at that time.

It was extremely sobering, in the sense that it woke me up from my bullshit and reminded me of my power, my truth.

Over the years I've been cultivating this practice more and recently came across these beautiful Obsidian mirrors, and the history behind them is quite fascinating...I'll share more in a few but what I really love about these dark mirrors is the feeling of softness that comes through...it is much less harsh than staring into the mirrors we are used to gazing into today, which have a more Solar quality.

The dark mirror is feminine, associated with the moon, the Jaguar (one of my totems), and the Aztec diety Tezcatlipoca, meaning "smoking mirror". Obsidian mirrors have been used for divination and scrying, communicating with loved ones in realms beyond, and to gain a glimpse into the spirit realm.

For more information, here are some fascinating sites:



If you would like to have your own Obsidian mirror to play with, visit the Treasure Box

And leave a note if you've had similar experiences with mirrors! I'm fascinated...

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